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We're Ben & Anna Sharp
Ben grew up farming with his family raising row crops, cattle, and hogs. Anna was a city girl from Cincinnati and a professional photographer.

After 25 years of IT work, Ben knew something was missing. In 2017 Anna spotted 25 acres for sale in Highland County, OH and things took off from there. Several years were spent remodeling the old farm house, then sites were set on getting the pastures back into order. As the world got a little crazy at the start of 2020, that work intensified and perimeter fences were rebuilt and a starter flock of Katahdins were purchased from a local farm who focused on all grass fed, low maintenance genetics. Which aligned well with our goal of raising animals as close to mother nature designed, while working to regenerate our soils and grasses.

Now we're working to share the bounty of this hard work with all of you.


More fluff to come, almost as much fluff as our lambs!

Grass Fed Lamb

The advantages and benefits of grass fed animals.

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